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Office Replacement Parts Sells Office Chair Parts Online


Got a local office furniture supply company that’s happy to take your order for office chair parts and deliver it to your office? That’s nice. Do you know how much office furniture is marked up by that local office furniture company? Think about it. There’s a reason they’re happy to deliver your order and it’s because you’re paying them a markup that’s pretty high. It could be as much as 50% to 100% or more. Why pay that much more money when there’s a resource that can deliver to your door for a lot less?

The Internet Saves Money on Office Furniture Parts
Many companies have discovered how much more affordable and how much easier it is to order office furniture parts online. Office Replacement Parts has parts to fit a wide variety of office furniture including chair parts. On our website, you can find exactly what you need fast. We sell office chair parts online at great prices and with amazing discounts on everything in our inventory.

Big Office or Small Office
Companies and individuals all have the same problems when it comes to repairing or replacing defective parts on office chairs. Most of the time the damaged chairs are shoved into a corner and forgotten. Now there’s a simple way to get the parts you need to put those chairs back in the game. Employees and owners alike don’t want chairs that malfunction, don’t function, and/or only partly function. A one-person office has the same problem a big, corporate office has and that’s because chairs are such an overused and under-appreciated asset.

All the Right Brands
Office Replacement Parts carries parts and inventories accessory items for all the major furniture and equipment manufacturers such as Hon, Herman Miller, Knoll, Haworth, Steelcase and more.

All the Right Parts
Office Replacement Parts carries everything needed to rebuild and repair chairs on the website including gas cylinders, pneumatic shocks, casters and wheels, chair arms and arm pads, chair bases, chair tilt control mechanisms, chair foot rings, and chair parts combination kits.

There’s Nothing Better for Office Chair Parts than Office Replacement Parts
The time spent looking for replacement parts can be considerable and the money spent purchasing parts locally can cut into the budget quickly. The best solution is to buy office chair parts online and the best resource for doing that is Office Replacement Parts. Going online can save a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of frustration. With our exclusive 1-year warranty on many parts they sell, Office Replacement Parts takes care of our customers like no other parts vendor.

Let Experts Help
Here at Office Replacement Parts, we know office chair parts inside out, upside down and backwards. We eat, sleep, and live replacement parts. If a customer has a question or needs information on any replacement parts, they can email our customer service team at or they can call 347-561-7587 and speak with a customer service representative who can help them. Most customers aren’t experts on chair repairs or chair repair parts and we are happy to help them with their order.

Take Care Of That Which Takes Care of You
The cost of office furniture isn’t going down. Office chairs may not concern anyone except the company accountant but the fact is the chairs can cost a pretty penny and extending their life is just good business. Having the right parts on hand can be difficult. Who knows what’s going to break and when it will happen? That’s where Office Replacement Parts becomes an important and valuable resource. By being able to order office chair parts online, companies can save a lot of money and a lot of time.

Safety and Ergonomics
A malfunctioning chair can cause a lot of problems. People may not think it’s important to have a completely functioning chair but it really is important because their health and well-being may be affected. Companies don’t want and don’t need their employees to suffer because their chair isn’t up to snuff. Misaligned spines, injured arms or legs, and a whole host of other issues can arise because of a small problem. Don’t let the small problem become a big problem. Not when it is so easy and convenient to solve the problem quickly.

A Great Website
Customers really like and appreciate all the information contained on our website. Not only are there listings for all of the inventory for office chair parts online, but there’s also a great blog section that provides simple, easy-to-follow instructions for making repairs and replacing the parts that have been ordered. Not many folks are experts at repairing chairs so this section of our website is highly useful. Once again, it saves time and money, which makes Office Replacement Parts the hands-down, best vendor for office chair replacement parts and more.