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Desk Job Comfort Including Office Chair Cylinder Replacement


Comfort all day at a desk job might sound like an unreachable dream. However, there are key considerations that can lessen the pressure on the lower back while creating a more comfortable environment for sitting at a desk all day. Of course, sitting all day will never be good for your back or body, but the effects can be counteracted. Whether you need an office chair cylinder replacement or need to adjust the height of your chair, getting relief from the normal pains of an office job isn’t as difficult as many assume.

Addressing the concerns and making replacements and adjustments to office life can seem daunting, but most tips are easy to implement. Whether you invest some money into a better work area to serve your needs to sit with the cheap or no-cost ideas, your back will thank you.

Chair Adjustments

Unsurprisingly, sitting all day is more comfortable when you make some adjustments to what you’re sitting on: your chair. Depending on what works best for your body, there are adjustments that can make sitting all day much more tolerable.

● Seat cushion. There are tons of cushions on the market that were designed with various issues and ailments in mind. For instance, there are cushions specifically created to address lower lumbar support while other cushions offer coccyx support. There are also cushions that give full back support for those with many issues or a particularly bad office chair. The best part of a seat cushion is being able to make the purchase as an employee. If your manager refuses to get better seats, you can still get relieved from the worst pain.

● Replacing parts. If office chairs have seen better days, they aren’t going to offer enough support for employees. Replacing the parts can be a lower cost way to feel like there is brand new furniture in the office. For easier fixes like an office chair cylinder replacement, you may not even need an installer. If you have crafty coworkers or are pretty handy, the replacement can be done without a professional. If there is a maintenance staff, they can definitely help out or handle the repair. At Office Replacement Parts, we have a ton of parts for everything in your office at the best prices. Check out our inventory to see if our products can make your work day less burdensome.

● Chair height. It may seem like you have a really bad chair, but it could be set at the wrong height. If you aren’t sitting at the proper level compared to the computer, you could experience a lot of pain and discomfort. Desk workers that find themselves often lifting their necks to look at the computer or tucking their chin down should try adjusting the height of the chair. There is not an exact height that works for every person’s height let alone every person. You shouldn’t have to struggle to see the computer screen, as it can cause injury and strain over time. If you can’t change the height of the chair, try adjusting the computer monitor or set-up of your desk. The less you have to strain, the less pain you will be in.

● Posture. You might also be sitting incorrectly. If you slouch back in your chair or lean over your desk too much, you’re putting undue stress on your back. Sitting up straight can make a huge impact on your posture in general and the pain you experience while sitting at a desk. Your feet should be on the ground and your spine should be straight. This can also strengthen core muscles, as an extra bonus. If you’re struggling to sit straight, strengthening those core muscles could help out. Try out yoga or pilates to engage your core. Yoga, in general, can help with posture and can stretch out the muscles of your back that have been locked into place all day.

● Foot rest. If your chair is too high and you can’t adjust it, a foot rest can help. This can also help with your posture. The right foot rest will keep your legs comfortable and put your feet in the right place for all day sitting. A foot rest can also help with blood circulation. If you ever find that your feet get puffy during the day, you aren’t getting enough blood flow. The right foot rest can help.

● Move around. You shouldn’t literally sit all day. Getting up and grabbing a snack or walking around the office can make a huge impact. If you get enough time at lunch and the weather cooperates, a quick walk outside can also help. Plus, getting out of the office for a few minutes each day can also improve productivity, focus, and morale.

At Office Replacement Parts, we offer a ton of products at reasonable prices to make office life easier and more comfortable. Browse our site and check out our inventory to find what you need for your business or home sam@officereplacementparts and give us a call at (347) 561-7587 or reach out via our contact page.

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