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Office Replacement Parts Has Replacement Casters for Office Chairs


You’re standing there, staring at the office chair that is sitting crooked and unusable and you’re wondering, “How do I get this problem taken care of?” You’re not an expert on chair repairs and you’re certainly not a chair parts expert either. Lucky for you, Office Replacement Parts has a variety of replacement casters for office chairs ready to ship directly to you. Once you see everything we have available on our website, the smile on your face will replace the frown and you’ll be well on your way to solving the dilemma.

A Great Resource Full of Solutions
When customers go to our website and find everything available for repairs and replacements, they quickly realize they’ve discovered a valuable resource. Office Replacement Parts stocks all types of replacement casters for office chairs, and if a customer isn’t sure which manufacturer or caster is the right part, they can count on our staff to help guide them to the correct part or solution. The following chair manufacturers we have in stock include Hon, Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, and Knoll.

Small Deal or Big Deal?
Finding and replacing a chair caster isn’t exactly something you can put on a resume, but when the situation calls for a resolution, knowing where to go and what to do can make the whole exercise much less time-consuming and costly. What may seem like a small deal can quickly escalate into a big deal if it is allowed to fester and grow. One chair caster can easily turn into two or three broken chair casters, and suddenly, there aren’t enough chairs to go around the conference table or for everyone in the cubicles. Don’t wait until finding replacement casters becomes a major undertaking, just go to Office Replacement Parts and get those casters taken care of and off your plate.

Professionals Serving Professionals
Offices that have a lot of office chairs like lawyer’s offices, CPA firms, or corporate centers have a lot of need for replacement casters for office chairs. It’s just a fact of life that office chairs lose their casters for a lot of reasons - abuse, misuse, theft, and a hundred other reasons. Why not let the professionals at Office Replacement Parts help get things back on track and in good order?

Customers are encouraged to submit an inquiry form on our website or send an email to and, if possible, to submit a few photos of the needed parts or the damaged office chairs so that determining the correct replacement caster can be done quickly and easily. If a customer has a question or needs more information about their purchase, they can also call our customer support professionals at 347-561-7587 to discuss their needs and get answers to any questions they may have.

Replacement Casters and More
The fact is, more than just chair casters can be lost or broken. Office chairs get a lot of use and that means wear and tear. We at Office Replacement Parts have tons of experience dealing with a lot of other office chair disasters and we have the parts needed to make things right again. Our selection of chair parts includes:

● Pneumatic Cylinders
● Arm Pads
● Foot Rings
● Chair Mechanisms
● Chair Bases
● Backrests
● Seat Cushions
● Combination Kits

Everything in One Place Finding the right replacement parts for office chairs along with excellent customer support and great prices makes Office Replacement Parts the go-to resource for finding the exact replacement casters you need. Many maintenance supervisors, office managers, and one-person offices have discovered the value and experience at Office Replacement Parts to be better than their local chair dealers or furniture stores when it comes to prices and service. It seems silly to take a chair out of the office, down to the chair dealer, drop it off, wait for the right part to come in, go back down to the chair dealer to pick up the chair and return it to the office. Especially when everything you need is available online and at great prices at

Saving Time and Money What could be easier or more logical? Replacement casters for office chairs shouldn’t be a big deal to find, purchase, or have delivered right to your door. With Office Replacement Parts, it is as easy as 1-2-3. That means there’s no time lost and lots of money saved. It’s the best of both worlds: quality products sold by a quality company. Customers are encouraged to visit our website and look over the valuable parts and equipment available in our inventory. With specials and featured items on our website and a sign-up area for customers to receive emails about special deals, there is no better place to find the replacement parts you need for your office furniture.

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