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How to Install Your Zody Chair Clone Arm Pad Replacements

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Installation Instructions For Your Haworth Zody Clone Arm Pad Kit

To install your Zody clone arm pads, you will need a Phillips head screwdriver and a T-20 torx bit with socket wrench.

  • With our clone arm pads, Your chair arm pads will still adjust forward and backward, rotate sideways, and go up and down, BUT WILL NO LONGER ADJUST SIDE TO SIDE.
  • If the side to side movement of your arm pads is critical, please order our original Haworth Zody Arm Pads by CLICKING HERE.
  • Kit includes 2 black arm pads, 2 gray conversion plates, and 8 screws (some of your original Zody screws will be required).

You can remove the arm from your Zody chair so you don't have to turn the chair upside down and back up, but, it's not necessary to do so for this installation. Take a T-20 torx bit to remove the screw from the original arm pad. Turn your chair upside down to expose the underside of you arm pads. After you've turned your chair right side up, remove the old arm pad. Remove the two screws from the arm pad inlay. Do not discard these screws as you will need them to install the new Zody arm pad kits. Once the screws are removed, discard the sliding plates. They will no longer be needed for the new arm pads. For ease of demonstration, we removed the chair arm. However, you are not required to do so to install the arm rests. Take your rectangular conversion plate and line up the holes. Retrieve the original screws you saved and screw the plate into the chair's arm rest with the T-20 torx bit wrench. Take your Phillip's head screwdriver and screw the plate to attach the new arm rests. Your arm rests will no longer be able to move laterally, but, will still be able to turn left and right, forward and backward, and up and down. Turn your chair upright, and you're done!

Click here to purchase our Haworth Zody clone arm rests.