Posturefit Kit Herman Miller Aeron Chair Size C

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Posturefit Kit Herman Miller Aeron Chair Size C

The posture-Fit system encourages a healthier seating posture. It enables the user's body to be supported naturally using the biomechanics of the spine and back to their fullest potential.  The device is designed to custom-fit each user with the degree of lower-back support desired.  PostureFit is retrofitable to existing Aeron® Chairs.

For Herman Miller Aeron Chairs Size C
Aeron chairs come in sizes A, B, and C.  A is smallest and C is largest.  You can determine the size of your chair by feeling along the plastic rim of the back of the chair.  You will feel a bump or dot.  There will be ONE dot for A TWO dots for B and THREE dots for C.

**An alternative method to determine your size is by turning your chair over and looking on the tag.  There will be a model number like this: AE...W_............  In this example, the letter that appears after the "W" is your chair size.

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