Knoll Dividends Cantilever Worksurface Support Brackets (1 Pair) L/R


Cantilever Worksurface Support Brackets Black for Knoll Dividends (1 Pair)

These are replacement worksurface brackets for Knoll Dividends panel systems.  Knoll Dividends support brackets serve as a cantilever for Knoll Dividends worksurfaces.  These replacement cantilevers attach the work surface to the frame of your Dividends panel system.  Also Works with Knoll Dividends Horizons.

  •  These are Knoll Dividends OEM new cantilevers. 
  •  They are inspected before shipped to assure the highest quality.   
  •  These come in 3 sizes; 18", 24" and 30" surfaces.
  •  Available in stock and ready for shipment.
  •  Color: Black
  •  Minimum order qty- 1 pair


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