Gas Cylinder Replacement for HM Ergon 3 Chair


HM Ergon 3 Chair Gas Lift Replacement Shock

These chair lift replacements for Herman Miller Ergon 3 Chairs are manufactured new.  Our single-stage replacement Ergon pistons are made to the same specifications as the original Herman Miller Ergon 3 chair.  Our cartridge will work to replace the pneumatic of your Herman Miller Ergon 3 chair.  Our chair shock for the Ergon 3 chair is available in standard or heavy duty capacity for people with a few extra pounds.  All of our Ergon 3 lifts are covered by a two year warranty. 


These Herman Miller Ergon 3 replacement gas cylinders fit Herman Miller Ergon 3 office chairs ONLY!

Not certain if you have an Ergon 3 chair?  If the model number starts with EE, then this cylinder will work for your Ergon chair (Ergon chairs made from 1995 to present).  If the model number starts with ER, EG, or OS, this Ergon cylinder will not work (Ergons older than June, 1995) and you will need to order the Ergon base kit by clicking here.


  • Available in standard or heavy duty for heavier folks
  • In stock and ready to ship!
  • Warrantied for 2 years

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