"Don't Know My Cabinet" FILE BAR! (Universal)

Minimum Purchase:
2 units

The "Don't Know My Cabinet" Universal FILE BAR!

For Metal Lateral Filing Cabinets Only

The "Don't Know My Cabinet" FILE BAR! (Universal)
This universal bar can be for 30, 36 and 42 inch metal lateral file cabinets

Ok Folks...

Tell us what you need, and it's pretty easy to get your bars!!!

1. Enter the EXACT width of the INSIDE of the drawers.
2. Tell us how many you need.
3. Confirm cabinet is metal.
4. Confirm the THICKNESS of the left or right walls of the drawer.
5. Indicate the exterior width of your entire cabinet.

Then order away!!!

Please note: Since these bars are custom cut there are no refunds after item is shipped.  Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.


For 30" exterior cabinet width $18.95 each
For 36" exterior cabinet width $18.95 each
For 42" exterior cabinet width $19.95 each
(shipping and handling separate)

***Minimum order 2 bars***