Haworth Improv Soft Vinyl Replacement Flipper Arm Pads Clone non OEM


Haworth Improv Soft Vinyl Replacement Flipper Arm Pads- non OEM

These are clone replacement flipper arm pads for Haworth Improv chairs, made of soft vinyl urethane in black.  They are less costly than original OEM Haworth Improv arm pads, and are built to last. 


The urethane skin is durable and provides excellent comfort for all work applications.  The sturdy insert strengthens the pad, and will keep the arm pad securely attached to the chair, all while providing soft comfort. These Haworth Improv Flipper Arm Pads fit all Haworth Improv office chairs with the flipper arm feature.


Over time, arm pads get worn down, shred, crack, and come apart. You can quickly and easily replace your old, worn Haworth Improv arm pads with our new replacement arm pads.


  • High quality Vinyl Urethane
  • Color: BLACK (also available in gray- please inquire if you desire gray)
  • Sold as a pair
  • Screws included