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How to Determine Which Steelcase File Bar Rails You Need for Your Steelcase Cabinet Drawers

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Steelcase Replacement File Bar Hanging Rails Guide

This article is to help you determine if the cabinet you need hanging file rails of file bars for is a Steelcase lateral cabinet and whether you need the Old Style or New Style Steelcase file bars.  You may also see our video below.

Let's start with diagnostics:

1. Is your cabinet metal?

2. Is your cabinet wide and either 30", 36" or 42" in width?

3. Does your cabinet say Steelcase on it?

4. If you cabinet has no name, but there is a lock on it, does the code on the face of the lock start with XR or XF?  These codes are the most common on Steelcase cabinets. 

5. Are you looking to file left to right (side to side)?

If you said "yes" to these questions, then let's move on the Old Style vs. New Style file bars portion.  

You want to file your folders left to right.  Please contact us if you want to file front to back. If you have existing bars, look at the hooks on either end of the bar.  The Old Style Steelcase rails have one hook in the center.  The New Style rails have two small nubs, one on top of the other.  If you do not have any existing bars, then the slits on the left and right drawer walls can help identify which style bar you need for your Steelcase cabinet.  If there is only one slit on both sides of the drawer wall, then you need Old Style Steelcase bars.  If you have two slits in a vertical plane, then you need New Style Steelcase bars.  

Another way to tell if you have a New Style Steelcase cabinet is if the interior of the cabinet drawers are black, regardless of the exterior color of the cabinet.

You can order by clicking here.

Choose the style you need (Old vs. New).  The size option is based on the exterior width of your cabinet.  The actual bars will be shorter than the exterior width.  You will choose either 30", 36" or 42" for your cabinet.

For further information or if you have questions.  Please contact us.

Thank you!