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Do I Have an Equa 1 or Equa 2 Chair?

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So you have an Equa chair by Herman Miller and the chair no longer adjusts up and down.  You need a replacement gas cylinder.  Trick is, there are 2 styles of chair lifts for the Equa chair.  If you purchase the wrong Equa pneumatic, your chair still won't go up and down.  


Here is a handy guide below to help you out. An easy way to determine which style Equa chair you have, is to look at the back of the chair mechanism (tilt control).  If there is a slit there, you have an Equa 1 slit means Equa 2.  You can also determine the style of your Equa piston if you follow the instructions in removing it, (which you're going to have to do anyway).  The Equa 1 cylinder has a pin activator, while the Equa 2 has a button to activate the lift lever.  Once you've figured out which you need, please purchase below.  Thanks!  -Sam

Equa 1

Equa 2